Chocolate Chip cookies

Make Chocolate Chip cookies Easily at home

Chocolate Chip cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies

Make Chocolate Chip cookies Easily at home in 20 minutes. When we can make such good cookies easily at home, then why take it from the market? You can also store these fun cookies for a month.

Ingredients for Chocolate Chip cookies


  • Butter = three tablespoons

  • Ghee = two tablespoons

  • Sugar powder = half cup

  • Wheat flour = three fourth cup

  • Cocoa powder = one tablespoon

  • Baking powder = one-fourth teaspoon

  • Milk = one tablespoon

  • Chocochips = as per need

How to make chocolate cookies

To make chocolate cookies, first put three tablespoons butter in a bowl. (Butter room should be on temperature) Then add ghee to it and beat both with a hand mixer for one to two minutes. (If you do not have a hand mixer, whisk it with wicker. But with the wicker, you will have to whisk it until it becomes creamy)

After beating both the things well, now add sugar powder to it and then beat it with the hand mixer for 30 seconds. By doing this the sugar powder mixes well in it.

Now add flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and one tablespoon milk to it and mix it well while stirring. Adding milk makes the cheese in the cookies very good and also makes crispy.

After mixing all these things, prepare the dough by kneading it by hand.

Take a little dough from the prepared dough and try making one of its cookies. If your cookies are bursting then add some milk to it and if it is too wet, add a little dry flour to it.

Our doe is perfect for making cookies, then keep the dough covered for five minutes.

Grease the cake tin with ghee and then place the stent in the pan and place it on the gas to heat.

Cover the pan and let it sit on medium heat for 10 minutes.

Make a small dough by breaking a little mixture of flour. Then keep it in the middle of the palm and press it lightly and prepare all the cookies in this way. (If you have a cookie-cutter, you can make cookies from that too)

Put the prepared cookies in a cake tin and put choco chips on top of them. So that it looks good and children like these choc chips very much. Put the cake tin on the pan stand and cover the pan, let it cook on a flame for 15 minutes.

Opening the pan after a certain time, our cookies are ready. Carefully take out the cake tin from the pan and allow it to cool, take out the cookies from the pan when cooled.

Our chocolate cookies are ready, just like the market. You can eat it immediately or keep it in an air tide box and store it for one month.

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